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Singapore’s leading provider of top quality solar films

Solarcool is Singapore’s leading provider of top quality solar films with installation services to residential and commercial industries. We specialize in our wide range of high tech solar films that offers our customers a variety of appearance with different functions.

“It’s the little things that make big things possible. Only close attention to the fine details of any operation makes the operation first class.” –J.Willard Marriott

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Solarcool films shield your interior from the harmful heat and UV rays that the sun emits. This brings about various benefits such as prevention of the discoloration and fading of furnishings, as well as reduced room temperatures. Furthermore, this could reduce potential costs such as lower energy bills and maintenance costs.


With a virtually invisible property, these solar films allow your windows to preform more efficiently without compromising the vision from the interior. Solarcool can eliminate any discomfort brought to the eyes when you look out the window, making your windows look and perform the way you want.


Solarcool also provides films that will improve the safety of your windows. These films are able to hold shattered glass together without endangering anybody that could potentially get hurt. Solarcool films have also been tested thoroughly for withstanding the harsh external elements. With a manufacturer-backed warranty, these films are dye-free and metal free. We put your safety as our top priority, which is why we ensure our products guarantee your safety.


Riding on the new green culture, Solarcool pledges to be responsible citizens who believe in environmentally friendly products. Our solar films reflects significant solar energy, while absorbing another portion of energy, resulting in a significant decrease in the amount of solar radiation transmitted inside the room as well as the carbon foot print and environmental emissions.

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