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Safety and Privacy Series

Our 4 Mil Non-Reflective Series of shatter resistant safety window films are top-notch films that offer peace of mind. Safety and Security Film are strong with high thickness and reducing the risk of glass breakage. The high transparency of polyester not only gives it a crystal-clear feature but also great for protecting glass surfaces from impacts. It safeguards life from natural calamity. Safety film use technology to defend personal protection against accidents and thefts by using it’s tear-resistant property. Designed to keep glass shards from flying in the event of an impact, shatter resistant safety films keep your employees and family safe. Perfect solution to personal car / household security upgrades, additional protection against burglars, thieves and robbers. Intruders will spend more time to break in. Safety film can hold the glass fragments together, reducing potential injury from natural disaster such as strong wind or shockwaves. It distributes shatter resistant safety and security window films that you can buy to add an additional level of security to your glass windows.

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