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Eclipse Series

Ultimate Performance Solar Window Film Eclipse Series is a Nano Ceramic based sun control film. With the strictest manufacture process and adding the ceramic nanoparticle layer, our ceramic show a wonderful performance on IR rejection and UV cutting rate. Eclipse Series Solar Films are Scratch Resistance and are 100 % metal free which ensures no corrosion of the window film. Equipped with advanced Nano Ceramic materials that perform heat reduction and allow high visibility.

With Zero interference of telecommunication signal frequencies, it allows maximal function of electronic devices. Ceramic Window film offers durability overtime as well as strength in the material itself. In the event of an accident, the glass shard will break but remain fixed in place. This makes a ceramic window film a much safer alternative to other materials in residential and automobiles. Blocks up to 99 % of UV rays, reduces glare more than other types of tint. Ultra Violet (UV) Rejection at 99%, Infra-Red (IR) Rejection at 97%.

Available in 2PLY structure 3.0 mil thickness and covered with anti-scratch coating, It is your best choice for buildings & households to reduce harmful UV rays and excessive heat from the sun. Low glare reflection and high visibility. Also we offer you best quality with competitive factory prices.

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