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Silver Series

REFLECTIVE SILVER (ONE WAY MIRROR) Window Film is a Metallic Reflective film for windows ideal for situations where one-way daytime privacy is required. During daytime, the film will appear as reflective glass and give the external side of our window a mirrored, reflective appearance, preventing vision through the glass.

A one-way mirror typically used as an apparently normal mirror in a brightly lit room, with a much darker room on the other side. People on the brightly lit side see their own reflection—it looks like a normal mirror. People on the dark side see through it—it looks like a transparent window. The light from the bright room reflected from the mirror back into the room itself is much greater than the light transmitted from the darkroom. Overwhelming the small amount of light transmitted from the dark to the bright room. Conversely, the light reflected back into the dark side overwhelmed by the light transmitted from the bright side. You’ll achieve a more cooler and comfortable environment in your premises. It has high end level solar heat performance for hot weather and glare problem. It is designed to create a solution for reducing heat and minimizing glare coming in from your window. It has a metallic coating component that bounces back the sun’s heat; added protection from harmful UV rays and provides maximum privacy at day time. Blocks up to 99% of UV rays with Infra-Red (IR) Rejection at 80%.

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